2015 Hand-Made Village Vendors

2015 Hand-Made Village Vendors

Here they are: the incredible artisans you’ll find at the 2015 Winnipeg Folk Fest! Click the vendor name and additional social media links below to get a sneak peek at their wares online and start dreaming about the pieces you’ll pick up at the festival.


Jewelry made with traditional metal-smithing techniques and leather crafting, using all natural materials and an environmentally friendly process in a chemical free workshop.


And What Apparel


Hand bleached wearable art, inspired by the things that make people happy.



Made from the wings of farmed butterflies, Asterlea jewelry helps to promote habitat conservation around the world.


Aurora Farm

Natural goat-milk soap and care products, alpaca yarns and goods. Visit the booth to find out about their beloved animals, gardens and spirit of discovery and activism.


Boreal Workshop


A Cree-owned company specializing in traditional and custom fine jewelry and art pieces in copper, silver, gold and mixed media and gemstones.


Cloverdale Forge


Hand-forged steel heated and hammered into shapes on an anvil using traditional techniques that have remained unchanged for the last 2,000 years. Pieces that fit comfortably in the modern home.


Cut Threads

Sophisticated colour, weaving and line work made into functional urban wear. Lux and affordable hats, scarves, headbands and artwork.


David Krindle and Alan Lacovetsky Firebugs

Alan and Dave produce a range of high quality ceramics, which emphasizes traditional forming and firing methods.


dconstruct jewelry

Handmade eco-friendly jewelry. Each piece is made from recycled resin and inspired by nature and minimalist design.


DoorYard Pottery

Functional, handcrafted pottery designed to enhance your environment and culinary experiences.


Ear to the Ground

All is music. Even clay below has crashed to Earth and danced its way downhill to the beat of hooves and storms. Now it's a drum for human hearts to play.



Spoon jewelry made out of vintage silverware. The silverware is bent, hammered, twisted and hand-filed into shapes such as guitars, whales tails and calla lilies. Pieces are embellished using Swarovski crystals, gemstones and vintage beads.


Faeries from the Prairies

Faerie Wendy is back and ready to help you create festival memories with her whimsical clothing and costume designs.



From fun toys and sculptures to cushions and art pieces, Helga offers local handmade fibre work for everyone.


Flatlanders Soap

Flatlanders Soap Co. creates bath and body products that are safe for you and our planet.


Fwegga Leather Design

Fwegga's unique and ever-changing line of leather goods has been seen at music festivals across the country for 15 years.


honeybea designhive

A pioneer in the eco fashion movement and a favourite in festival style, Toronto's Honeybea Designhive is well loved for it's collection of handmade bohemian knitwear, handcrafted bags and original honeybea bumwarmers.


Jessie Phoenix


Jewelry that goes beyond simple adornment and encompasses self-expression and purpose. My vision is to create jewelry that encourages people's individuality and connection to truth, nature and beauty.


Kelli Rey Studio

Artfully designed functional ceramics with an eclectic mix of colour and texture that will surprise, puzzle and entertain.


Kelly Ruth


Having spent many years as the dyer/painter for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Kelly has developed an eco-friendly, hand dyed clothing line inspired by movement and a comfortable femininity.


LeVerne Tucker        

Fabric and fibre are pulled together into one-of-a-kind creative endeavors that carry the artist’s energy and joy of creation in each piece.


Mama Pacha

Mama Pacha is passionate about helping you reduce the use of chemicals in your life. We offer all natural, herbal skin care products for the whole family.


Marc Simard / Norwegian Wood

Items for both men and women ranging from recycled leather accessories to jewelry and kimonos.


Mehndi / Henna Tattoos by Aruna

With over 35 years of experience in mehndi body art free hand design, Aruna excels in latest traditional and non-traditional designs  


Meme* Tees Clothing Company   

One-of-a-kind cotton dresses made from gently worn and washed recycled T-shirts, designed to create beautiful colour and pattern juxtaposition. Also one-of-a-kind computer bags and sun hats.


Michael Lemer Pottery

All Michael’s work is either handmade or wheel thrown. Even for production ware, each piece has it's own distinct personality. As such each piece is unique, giving a definite feeling of comfort to see and use.


Mumble Tease

Whimsical, hand-printed apparel featuring colourful, silly, smile-inducing designs. The original artwork is drawn, cut and silk screened by a single pair of hands.



Handmade hats made with 99% recycled or second-hand material in Winnipeg by Nathan.


Quicksilver Halo

Music and nature inspired jewelry made of silver, brass, copper, guitar picks and recycled materials. Sparkly dichroic glass is etched and fused into surprising treasures.


Raven Mountain

Specializing in leather moccasins, tooled corset, and belts. Raven Mountains corsets and accessories are made using an incorporation of traditional leather techniques, with a modern twist in the imagery.


RAW eco jewellery


Statement jewelry for wild spirits. Handcrafted, bohemian artisan jewelry made from recycled and antique materials.


Redd Line Jewellery

Locally designed, extraordinary wearable art created in gold and sterling silver with magical gemstones.




Accessories for both men and women featuring distinctive, modern design and top quality workmanship.


Rogue Goat

Intricate, organic motifs, often trees, individually and delicately cut into wood. Each piece is married with paint, sterling, leather, textiles and more – transformed into evocative art and accessories.


Runs with Scissors


A multi-disciplined fibre artist, she is well known for her hand-dyed clothing and accessories, exquisite art quilts, and hand-appliquéd framed works.


Scam Skate Ltd.

Scam Skate manufactures high-end skateboards and longboards using high quality hard-rock Canadian Maple (sourced from sustainable forestry). They focus on creating innovative skateboard designs using the latest in CNC and laser technology.


Simply Bamboo

Bamboo woodwind instruments by Scott Buxton. Come have a listen to one or more of the many bamboo instruments including; flutes, Irish whistles, pan pipes, didgeridoos and more.


SkateBetty Recycled Skateboard Shop

Used skateboards recycled into accessories. Rings, beads, necklaces, key chains and all kinds of cool items.


Small Potatoes


Cool stuff for little tots! Toddler and baby dresses, sun hats, mod bonnets, guitar T-shirts, bibs, nursing covers and more featuring 100% organic cottons, fab floral and mod kid prints.


Sumak Designs

Sumak Designs has a diverse range of jewelry hand crafted by using silver, bronze and copper metal clays. Vintage glass and fair trade tribal beads can also be found in the creations.


Sylvan Temple World Instruments

Sylvan Temple instruments are born in the forest and are made in honour of all forests. About 15 kinds of instruments are made from salvaged wood with traditional techniques, inspired by wilderness and the beautiful cultures of our world.


The Woodland Faery

Bringing with them a sense of intrigue, charm and a wee bit of magic, each piece is created to remind us of the beauty and magic all around.


Tigers & Dragons

Brass and Stainless Steel jewelry made using Victorian technology. Bracelets, pendants and earrings etched with Viking runes, Celtic knots and other symbols from around the world.


Timeless Instruments

David Freeman has been building and repairing guitars and other acoustic instruments for over 35 years.


Velvet Plume

Feel like a divine Goddess with our one-of-a-kind wearable art. Handcrafted with love in our home studio and celebrating 12 years at the Winnipeg Folk Fest!


VOILÀ par Andreanne

Metis fashion designer Andréanne Dandeneau crafts beautiful, comfortable and sustainable women’s clothing. Stunning original Aboriginal design and handmade details.


Whiteout Workshop


Original artwork all silk-screened by hand to create a line of men's and women’s apparel along with fun accessories and art prints for your walls. 


Windy Tree

Using only branches that have fallen naturally, Rowan uses a freehand cut design and an intuitive sense while working in harmony with the wood to create one-of-a-kind artifacts.


Yeonhee's Jewelry Inc       

Where nature and art meet – jewelry with gemstones and ceramics.



Zany, amazing and magical offerings to inspire creative play. A visual feast of offbeat innovative items to tickle your fancy and stimulate your senses.


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