2017 Hand-Made Village Artisans Annouced

2017 Hand-Made Village Artisans Annouced

Happy to share some new artisans for the 2017 Winnipeg Folk Fest!

If you have some time to shop between your favourite artists during the day or you’re just hoping to get your hands on some unique products, then the Hand-Made Village is your spot! 

Every year the Winnipeg Folk Fest is home to just under 50 artisans from across the country. We are happy to bring back 2016 favourites and new festival friends! Below are some of the new additions to the Hand-Made Village and a full listing of artisans can be found here

Indigenous & Métis Creations

Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewelry 

Facebook | Instagram

These hand-carved pieces of antler jewelry honour the Métis culture and the animals that the antler came from, giving new life to the animal’s spirit. Fat Daug puts a lot of time, care and love into each piece created. 

Dahlia Drive 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

In a new collaboration, Dahlia Drive has joined forces with Haida artist, Reg Davidson to create wearable pieces of storytelling. Dahlia Drive is known for restored women’s slips that have been reimagined with colour images and texture.


Joyce Seppala Designs

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

After being trained in Haute Couture in England, Joyce brought her talents to Canada. She finds inspiration in colour, texture, movement and music, creating limited edition and custom pieces that are beautifully handcrafted, avant-garde clothing for everyday theatre.

SSM Design

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

"Saving the world one sweater at a time." SSM Design specializes in sustainably upcycling vintage sweaters by hand into modern edgy pieces. 

Whiteout Workshop

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Natasha Paterson's creations are inspired by travel, mountains, fields of wildflowers, her dog and her passion for photography. She silk screens all of her pieces by hand and makes sure to do her best in sourcing local apparel and accessories to display her artwork on. 

Jewelry & Accessories



Inspired by nature and music, HereBeBears! is a line of jewelry, limited edition prints and carved glass sun catchers all the way from Churchill, MB. 

Orange and Prairie

Instagram | Etsy

Orange and Prairie offers leather and cork jewelry and accessories for men and women. All pieces can be dressed up or down and never go out of style. 

Pip Robins Accessories

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Pip Robins is a brand of accessories for both men and women. Handcrafted items withstand the test of time. Materials such as leather and waxed canvas allow the collections to be durable, fashion-forward and edgy.

Quicksilver Halo


Whimsical wildlife rendered in intricate hand-sawed designs or etched in colorful dichroic glass. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, found objects and semi-precious stones are transformed and embellished into artifacts of adornment.

The Salvage Heart

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Salvage Heart is a small Manitoba-based line of jewelry that is 100% original and handcrafted from salvaged and pre-loved items. Each piece is original in its design!

Tigers & Dragons


Brass and stainless steel jewelry made using Victorian technology, etched with Viking runes, Celtic knots and other symbols from around the world.


Cze by Tania

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Handcrafted products using the finest natural and organic ingredients available, along with locally sourced raw materials. If it’s not something we would be willing to use in our own family's hair and beards, we wouldn't put that in the hands of our customers. 

For the Home

Rachael Kroeker Ceramics 

Website | Instagram

Modern pottery and home decor for daily use and admiration. Every marbled piece is different and a pleasure to use with its smooth and supple surface.

Rogue Goat

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Each Rogue Goat piece is a distillation of a landscape defined by trees. Live edge wood, craftsmanship and original paintings combine to evoke a sense of place that is distinctly Canadian.

Salvaged Earth Designs 

Website | Etsy

Eco-friendly wooden kitchen utensils, jewelry and art made from all things salvaged, reclaimed or upcycled. Feel-good wares for the environmentally conscious!

Tamara Klassen Artisan Textiles

Website | Instagram

These textiles are hand-dyed using traditional artisan techniques learned from Tamara’s travels around the world. Working with natural fibres and dyes, she creates beautifully unforgettable pieces.

For the Kids

Art On A Whimsy


Fantastic forest friends, polar bears, mermaids, and all sorts of delightful toys, puppets, games, accessories and miniatures. Everything made from 100% natural wool, leather and wood. Come join us in a whimsical fantasy world. 

Lemon and Quinn

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Lemon and Quinn is a thoughtfully designed line of baby clothing featuring trendy styles and sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. Handmade in beautiful Nelson, British Columbia.

We can’t wait to see all the shoppers bustling through the village and we’re excited for you to get your hands on some beautiful handmade goods


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