4 Random Questions with The Suitcase Junket

4 Random Questions with The Suitcase Junket

Matt Lorenz wears many hats. He’s a self-taught throat singer, junk-percussion creator, album cover artist AND he has a cool moustache. His “band” is formed by a resurrected dumpster-diamond guitar, an old oversized suitcase, a hi-hat, a gas-can baby-shoe foot-drum, a cookpot-soupcan-tambourine foot-drum, a circular-saw-blade bell and a box of bones and silverware that operate much like a hi-hat. Creating everything from the music and instruments to visual art, Lorenz is present in every bit of his craft.

Which is your favourite part of the human face and why?

Eyeballs! Windows to the hole!

What was one of your happiest memories?

One of my happiest memories was catching critters in the pond so I could pretend we were friends for a minute or two. 

What is your favourite genre of music to listen to?

Is it too vain to say swampyankee? I think so, yes. These days I most enjoy listening to field recordings of folk music. (North American and otherwise.)

How or where do you find inspiration for your music?

I usually catch my ideas out in the woods (butterfly net, mason jar) and bring them home to dissect and consider.

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