Activate Your Mind & Body in the Festival Campground

Activate Your Mind & Body in the Festival Campground

When you are spending your nights in a tent and your days at the stages, your body is going to need to move, shake and stretch! Lucky for us, we have some fantastic active art and animation in the Festival Campground returning this summer to keep you feeling fit and fabulous.

Yoga Fun For Everyone

Led by qualified instructors and performed without a mat, with feet and hands on the earth, this AcroYoga experience is sure to relax your muscles and put you in tune with your fellow folkies.

The Hive

Need a bit of down time, but don’t want to head back to your tent? Zip over to The Hive to buzz about with your friends, or bliss out in a hammock. This summer the structure will glow at night, welcoming campers to enjoy its interactive spaces around the clock.

‘Chute For the Stars

Remember playing with the parachute at summer camp? Revisit those memories this summer with ‘Chute For the Stars! This group will have some scheduled sessions, or you may be lucky enough to catch a spontaneous game. Beach balls, rubber chickens and laughs make this a wonderful activity under the sun or stars.


If you don’t wear a watch and your cell phone dies, do not panic! You can find out what time it is by swinging by the Sundial. Step on the platform and let your shadow tell you when to get to the tarp run and how soon the stages start and end.

Creation Station

With all the fresh air, good vibes and fabulous music, you are sure to feel extra-creative. Unleash your inner artist at the Creation Station! Join your fellow campers to create a work of art, or focus your energy on creating a masterpiece or jewelry to bring home and remember Folk Fest all year


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New Art & Animation Planned for the Campground

New Art & Animation Planned for the Campground

Wandering the Festival Campground and stumbling across interactive structures, people hosting workshops and games, art, intriguing oddities… it’s an experience regarded as one of the best parts of Folk Fest by many festival goers.

Festival Campground

Festival Campground

The first time you hear someone yell “Happy Folk Fest!” followed by a roar of cheers that rolls across the campground, you’ll feel right at home.