Art and Animation You’ll Find in the Festival Campground

Art and Animation You’ll Find in the Festival Campground

You will see familiar faces and a few brand new projects in the Festival Campground this July!

Sean Strachan is the creator of Big Games, an Art and Animation project that campers in the Festival Campground have come to love. Sean and his Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four and other colossal-sized family games will be back at the 2014 Folk Fest for people to play!

We asked Sean what it means to him to participate in the Festival Campground community as an animator.  

What does the Art and Animation Project mean to you? 
The Art and Animation Project is a source of motivation for me. I have always been a fairly creative person, but this program helped to reinforce, grow, and hone that creativity by having a platform that is based around ideals that are good for community building and growth.

What does it mean to you to be included in the Art and Animation Project? 
To have been included in this program makes me feel like I will always be a part of this community in one way or another. I have met so many amazing and talented new people because of this opportunity, and I will carry this experience with me for always. By being part of this program, it means that I can now inspire others like those before me had inspired myself to create and become a part of something more. 

Keeping true to the spirit of creative expression and fostering a positive, fun and safe experience for all, we are delighted to announce the participants in the 2014 Art and Animation Program for Festival Campground! You’ll notice some familiar projects and new creations in this list and we couldn’t be more excited about all of them. 

Morning yoga for both for early and later risers. A perfect way to get the kinks out after a night sleeping in a tent!

Big Games
Try an epic-sized version of Crokinole or test your logistical skills with Big Battleship. Grab a group of friends and stay tuned for the unveiling of Folk Fest game shows!

Canjo Gypsies
The Canjo is made out of a piece of wood, tuning pegs and a can. You’ll find these instruments in various shapes and sizes on The Gypsy Folkart wagon. When the wagon rolls by, grab one and start a jam!

Connect! Collaborate! Play!
The twenty-four foot wide rainbow parachute will bring the joy of childhood games to the campground. It can be used in many ways to enjoy collaborative play and engage campers who might not otherwise meet. 

Flaming Trolleys Circus
They’ll bring together a wide variety of performances and unique acts including their magnificent parade. At night, escape to the eclectic Bedouin-style circus tent to listen to acoustic music, poetry, or watch belly dancers and puppet shows. 

Folk Fest Glow Bowling
The lane and the pins are all painted in glow paint and decorated with EL wire to provide an eye-catching, artistic nighttime activity for bowling enthusiasts. 

Folk Fest Post
A feel good arts and crafts table. Leave a postcard for a secret admirer or a friend you haven’t met yet or create homemade keepsakes for campers to take home with you after the festival. 

Folk Fest Sundial
An analemmatic sundial that requires YOU to complete it. Stand on the center platform and see where your shadow falls on the surrounding markers to see if you’re late for a workshop! 

Grass Bar
Whether sitting for dinner, basking in sunny rays or contemplating the deep space of night, Grassbar is a place of possibility and interaction. 

Hula Tree
The Hula Tree is a participatory installation and landmark in the Festival Campground with a small dance area for passers by to pick a hoop and go for a hula. 

James and Jamesy
This team of British physical comedians will be roaming the campground in character, transforming any location into a theatrical wonderland by creating short performances that involve campers in the theatrics. 

Kal is a hand-cranked set of kaleidoscopic binoculars. His form is inspired by binoculars seen at tourist attractions around the world with a sculptural aesthetic to draw viewers in. 

Prairie Coral Reef
For five days in July, the Festival Campground becomes a fantasy island city. The artist uses freeform crochet to encircle it with a magical coral reef of brilliant colours and textures.

Prairie Sol
Fire dance performances accompanied by live percussion, including Indian hand drums such as the Dol - a large and robust sounding instrument that needs no amplification. 

Spectral Vision
This interactive sculpture is a platform that will be approximately 7 feet wide by 12 feet to the point forming a triangle. It’s essentially a miniature golf game/crazy golf-art sculpture. 

The Wardrobe
What if there were a place where you could stop for wigs, wings, horns, monster feet, tails, tutus or silly hats? Much like a library, The Wardrobe will have a huge inventory of costumes and accessories for campers to borrow. 

Trading Post
Winnipeg's only "Trade Only" General Store. Forget some tent pegs? Have too much spaghetti sauce? Lose your bandana? Take a walk to the Trading Post and swap items for a fair trade. 

Vintage Flash
The Festival Campground’s very own “tattoo parlour” returns! The structure and temporary ink were inspired by the early days of modern tattooing and will take you back to a time when sailors roamed the seas.

Vinyl Village
The stage and the instruments – including a piano – are available to all campers in the Festival Campground. Spectators become jammers, dancers, performers and friends at the stage as they flow back into the crowds.

Separate from our program, we are also happy to announce the return of Juke Joint to the Festival Campground!

The Pope’s Hill sing-along is quickly becoming a Folk Fest tradition. It will be taking place one evening following Main Stage at the hill. All voices and acoustic instruments welcome.

We are looking forward to experiencing these exciting and creative animations with our campers! They create a magical ambience and provide a communal space for campers to gather. 

Campers: you don’t have to be part of the official Art and Animation Program to be creative! We love to see campers take it upon themselves to decorate their sites or make theme camps. The more art, the merrier!


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