Art You Have to See to Believe at Folk Fest 2015

Art You Have to See to Believe at Folk Fest 2015

Art at Folk Fest comes in all shapes and forms – from the music on stage to the creative wardrobe of the crowd – we welcome it all! We are especially proud of the wonderful art installations that are part of our Prairie Outdoor Exhibition. This year we have some returning artists, who will be putting a new spin on some of our favourites; as well as some incredible new projects that will inspire and delight festival goers young and old.

kc adams                   
Turtle Shell   

Groundbreaking visual artist KC Adams is back with a new project to open and delight our senses. “From the seven sacred grandfather teachings, the turtle represents truth. To follow the pathway of truth is to follow the path of good living. The glowing turtle will light the way for all who find it, to the festival site and the music that awaits.”     

Tonya Borgeson                   
The Universe Inside You     

Come to Folk Fest and allow yourself to walk the path and reflect on the world as a changing place within us. In this unique installation, the infinity symbol functions as a meditative path marked by ceramic objects that reveal one’s inner truth.   

Grace Boyd
Prairie Dreamer       

As prairie people, we in Manitoba have a great bond to our vast skies and plains, and dreams that they inspire. For one to be connected to and follow these dreams is what this piece seeks to embody, while enriching and nourishing the bond between self, soul, and nature.      

Martha Street Studio           
Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop!       

Martha Street Studio presents the fourth annual Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop! Make a design, carve your linoleum and spin the wheel on the press: experience the tradition of relief printing by creating your own fine art lino-cut print. The workshop is open to people of all ages. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

James Culleton                     

The labyrinth is back – with a twist! A labyrinth is not a maze, but rather, a clear path from beginning to end. Thanks to its orderly boundaries and single pathway, once a person starts walking in a labyrinth there is never a fear of getting lost. For this reason, labyrinths are sometimes used as a metaphor for expressing our need to find our true paths, despite obstacles.         

Julia Dennis              
Keen on Green

Recycling made pretty! This project beautifies recycling bins to celebrate taking care of our festival environment and the animals that call Birds Hill Park home.

Teyana Neufeld                  
The Day Planner!     

Whale’s tails, eight of your favourite bands playing simultaneously, lemonade runs... Get help at the Day Planner! Plan your busy days ahead of time with this interactive, sound-responsive to-do list.         

Alison Dawn             
Flowers of the Sea

Flowers are a timeless element of celebration and for a 3rd year running, Alison will be arranging fresh flowers into intricate designs on the ground. This year’s theme will be inspired by life underwater. It’s sometimes easy to forget that Manitoba borders the sea and that 80 million years ago this very land lay under tropical waters. 

Rick Unger & Gilbert Detilleux        
Phineas Farnsworth’s Phanto-graphic Stereo-morpho-scope                

Journey back to a time before your grandparents were kids, to see the world through the eyes of the visionary Victorian, Phineas Farnsworth. Each Steampunk viewing station features 3D images called phantograms!    

Mandel Hitzer & Steph Porrior                   
Spirits of Nature

The Gnome Kingdom has arrived in Birds Hill once again! If you spot a lost gnome, please return him to the magical gnome gateway and you may be granted one wish from the Gnomish King.          

Diana Montgomery              
Forest Enchantment

Journey into the mysterious and enchanted forest. Within it are many magical creatures that reveal themselves when the sun is high and the music alive. Utilizing freeform crochet, the artist brings the forest creatures alive to dance with us all.      

Nicholas Iskierski & Natasha Lowenthal
The Prairie Booth     

The Prairie Booth is about the unity of nature and human life. People are invited to wander within the layered landscape scene and grab a memorable photo among the painted trees, grasses, flowers, plants, and clouds.     

Heather MacDonald
Nature Jam: A Visual Soundscape Inspired by Nature and Music

Inspired by nature's astonishing patterns, Heather MacDonald creates multi-dimensional art installations with elements from nature. Working with the public, she shares her wonder and insights about nature's intricacies, with the hope of enhancing our collective connection to the natural environment. Visit her beside the Folk School to participate in the creation of this piece Friday 1PM-6PM, Saturday and Sunday 11AM-1PM / 4PM-6PM.

Stay tuned in the coming months as we delve deeper into some of these exciting projects.


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