Beautiful Works of Art in the Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

Beautiful Works of Art in the Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

The magic that exists naturally at Birds Hill Provincial Park is only enhanced by the whimsical Prairie Outdoor Exhibition. Experience unexpected pieces of art in trees, around path turns and striking skyward in the park’s open fields. This summer’s sprawling outdoor gallery includes 17 works from Manitoban artists to interact with and be delighted by as you walk from stage to stage.

KC Adams

Inspired by the Folk Fest poster, elements from the design will be brought to life. The sculpture is like a charm bracelet, with welded charms linked together by a string of lights. The colorful sculpture will glow at night and light the way for the festival attendees along the entrance pathway.

Grace Boyd

Prairie Sails

As prairie people, we of Manitoba have a great bond to our vast skies, plains and endless waves of prairie grasses. Come sail these dreamy waves rolling forever across this beautiful land we call home. Enter this space created from natural materials and enjoy shade, a cool breeze, and the conversation of friends.

Sarah Collard

Elm Canopy (Umbrella Leaves)  

Larger-than-life elm leaves provide shade and remind us of our need to preserve mature urban tree canopies that give residents the benefits of wind reduction, clean air, wildlife habitat and shade. Rest amongst the leaves, sheltered from the sun.

Martha Street Studio

Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop!

The fifth annual Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop! Make a design, carve your linoleum and spin the wheel on the press: experience the tradition of relief printing by creating your own fine art lino-cut print. The workshop is open to people of all ages (children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult). Drop by the tent beside the Folk School Saturday and Sunday, 1:00 PM to 4:00PM. 

James Culleton


Labyrinths have existed for thousands of years in numerous forms. They offer an experience that evokes spiritual connection and contemplation; for a labyrinth is not a maze, but rather a clear path from beginning to end. Find the labyrinth, walk its grass pathways, and contemplate your joy for folk music and the soothing power of the prairie.

Alison Dawn

Microbial Flora

Microbes are everywhere and represent a huge range of life in every possible shape and form. We each carry 100 trillion in our inner microbial rainforests and even move in the shade of own personal microbial auras! Alison will be arranging flowers on the ground in intricate patterns to celebrate the geometric beauty of this oldest known form of life on earth.   

Toby Gillies and Justine Orr

The Prairie Pool Mirage

Under the hot sun, festival goers walk across the seemingly ceaseless span of prairie field. As they look up, they spot something in the distance: a refreshing pool oasis. They rub their eyes, it's still there! Quickening their gait, they stride towards the grassland pleasure only to find the plunge bath is not what it seems. The festival goers are not, however, disappointed. The Prairie Pool Mirage offers a delightful shaded area to recline – something always sought after at the festival! Take a seat and relax within a tranquil atmosphere complete with pool accessories.      

Mandel Hitzer

Spirits of Nature

The Gnome Kingdom has arrived in Bird's Hill Park once again! If you spot a lost gnome, please return him to the magical gnome gateway and you may be granted one wish from the Gnomish King. Gnomes are not only handsome but they help out in the garden as well.         

Nick Iskierski & Natasha Lowenthal

The Prairie Booth

Come and take a walk through The Prairie Booth. Snap a photo, leave a message or just lie in the shade. This whimsical landscape plays with perspective and is great for capturing memorable moments.

Glen Knapp

Sun Shade

Art and function combine to create a shade structure and sculpture. Find shelter in the cooling comfort and figurative warmth this piece has to offer.  

Ryan Lotecki


Look for these large scale drawings of wild beasts and forest creatures. These murals will wrap around festival structures. Examine how reception, transmission and amplification interact with each other.

Erica Lowe and Gillian Sullivan

Horse Spider Dragon

The world of trees recreated for your imagination to explore. Elements from the surreal world and nature combine to create a mystical structure that provides shade and a place to sit.

Diana Montgomery


Creatures and images from land, sea and air among the trees. Crochet, like music, is a representation of a mathematical equation. Expressing mathematics in a physical form and in a whimsical fractalization.

Ursula Neufeld

We are all a mosaic of love, light and music

Keep an eye out for a shady rest spot featuring a table and chairs adorned with beautiful Mosaic designs inspired by music.  

Garnie Ross

Prairie Life

Photographs of the beauty of Manitoba and everything that makes life here so wonderful. Ross loves the prairies and photograph its life daily. A landscape photographer with a different view, Ross uses non-traditional aspects in my photos and to convey the openness of Manitoba.

Rick Unger

solis musica tempore

Sun, music, time: three aspects shared between Folk Fest and this sun dial. Born from the remains of a cremated piano, this restrung frame marks the movement of the sun and the subsequent passage of time.

Karen Wardle

The Sounding Tree

The Sounding Tree is a metaphor for the resonance chamber of a musical instrument. The resonance chamber is the open space in an instrument that conveys the sound into the surrounding air. The Sounding Tree is a visual expression of the festival sounds of music, celebration and joy.


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