Discover the 2014 Hand-Made Village Artisans

Discover the 2014 Hand-Made Village Artisans

The Hand-Made Village celebrates the long-standing history that folk art shares with folk music festivals. We are excited to have 50 talented artisans from across Canada selling a variety of handcrafted works at Folk Fest this summer!

Here's a preview of the artisans who will set up shop at the festival with their one-of-a-kind creations.

Gorgeous jewelry handmade from real butterfly wings. 

Brook Drabot Glass
Captivating glass items for the home and jewelry inspired by the natural world.

Cloverdale Forge
Hand-forged steel items crafted with fire and traditional blacksmithing tools. Discover how yesterday’s tool are shaping today’s designs.

Cut Threads
Hand-woven textiles and graphic accessories for everything from fashion to street wear.

dconstruct jewelry
Eco-friendly jewelry made from recycled resin. The pieces are inspired by nature and minimalist design.

DoorYard Pottery
Functional pottery designed to enhance the living environment and culinary experiences.

Ear to the Ground
Drums and flutes hand-turned on the potters wheel. Finely tuned, true and absolutely new.

Swarovski crystals, pearls, sea glass and a variety of vintage beads and designs preserve the intricate details of vintage silverware that turn heirlooms into treasured wearable art.

High quality functional and decorative pottery that is earthy, organic and imbued with the joy of creating work in a deep and ancient art form.

Flatlanders Soap Co.
Glorious natural soap, bath salts, lotion bars, bamboo soap dishes and felted soap. 

Formations in Metal
Jewelry and sculpture combining gold, silver, bronze and forged steel, inspired by textures and intricacies found in nature.  

Heartsease Inc. 
100% natural soaps and skincare products made from the finest plant based organic and food grade ingredients. Pure, simple and handmade in Winnipeg. 

Honeybea Designhive
Bohemian knitwear, bags and original Honeybea Bumwarmers celebrated for the innovative reincarnation of vintage and antique materials in a collection of wearable art. 

Freestyle, hand printed, sustainable clothing made in British Columbia. 

Jo'momma Designs
A deliciously different, sustainably made clothing line that celebrates the body. 

Kelli Rey Pottery
Artfully designed functional ceramics with an eclectic mix of colour and texture that will surprise, puzzle and entertain.

La Parfumerie
Perfume pendants and bottles, body mist, incense and aromatherapy remedies.

Mama Pacha
All-natural herbal products free of chemicals and petroleum. 

Marc Simard
A dynamic line of accessories and art made from recycled, off cut and scrap materials including leather, wood and fabric. 

Mehndi / Henna Tattoos By Aruna
Traditional Mehndi body art coupled with the latest elegant, exotic and intricate designs to suit any mood or occasion.

Meme* Tees Clothing Company
One-of-a-kind cotton dresses, sun hats and computer bags made from gently worn T-shirts.

Metal Ice
Pewter pendants to guide teach and inspire. 

Mitchell & Black Paint & Glass    
Wonderful images created from paint and glass of their favourite things: the prairie region, its people, festivals and fun. 

Moka Design Co.
Simple and chic fashion to fit any occasion. 

Mumble Tease
Whimsical hand-printed apparel featuring silly, smile-inducing designs. 

Hats made in Winnipeg from 99% recycled or second-hand materials – anything from pants to curtains.

Pina Styles + Jeni Mack    
A combination of art and fashion transpired into unique art on original clothing.

Pip Robins Accessories
Fashion accessories for men and women. Belts, buckles and durable, edgy bags focusing on vintage military surplus and waxed canvas.

Quicksilver Halo
Music and nature inspired jewelry made of silver, brass, copper, guitar picks and recycled materials. Iridescent colourful dichroic glass is etched and fused into surprising treasures.

Raven Mountain
Specializing in leather moccasins, tooled corsets, belts and handbags. Traditional leather techniques with a modern twist in the imagery.

RAW eco jewellery
Contemporary, imaginative jewelry from antique clocks and watches and other found, vintage objects into distinctive and innovative accessories. 

Redd Line Jewellery
Locally designed wearable art pieces created in gold and sterling silver with magical one-of-a-kind gemstones. Inspired by love, family and friends.

Runs with Scissors
Stunning art quilts to keep your walls warm, hand-dyed wearable art and accessories, and framed hand-appliquéd landscapes. An oasis of colour!

Salvaged Earth Designs
Jewelry and wooden kitchen utensils made from all things salvaged, reclaimed or recycled. Feel-good wares for the environmentally conscious.

Shi Studio
Accessories that frame and highlight lush textiles. Each piece is an individual statement, whether a classic silk pendant or a bohemian combined silk, leather and silver piece. 

Simply Bamboo
Handcrafted bamboo woodwind instruments tuned to concert pitch including transverse flutes, panpipes, Irish whistles, didgeridoos, shakuhachis and more.

Used skateboards recycled into unique accessories. Dread beads, rings, keychains and all kinds of cool stuff.

Small Potatoes
Neat stuff for little tots! Toddler and baby dresses, sunhats, mod bonnets, guitar T-shirts, bibs, nursing covers and more. Featuring 100% organic cottons, fab floral and mod kid prints.

Southern Winds - Cow Horn Art
Jewelry and accessories handcrafted out of cow horn. Truly eco-friendly and unique pieces of wearable art.

Storybook Art & Fibre
Homegrown goodness – environmentally friendly, ethically produced garments, accessories and body care.

Sumak Designs
A diverse range of jewelry handcrafted by using silver, bronze, copper metal clays, vintage glass and fair trade tribal beads.

The Honey Shack
Pure, raw, natural honey and beeswax candles that are a true green product: clean burning, long burning, with a natural sweet honey scent. 

Super cool designer jewelry and fashion accessories by metal maestros.

The Scrap Came Back
An art program using found materials to upcycle crafts and garden art for you and your home. All proceeds go to supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The Woodland Faery
Creations made primarily of salvaged materials that spark imagination and bring with them a sense of intrigue, charm and a wee bit of magic.

Tigers & Dragons
Paul Vaala
Brass and stainless steel jewelry made using Victorian technology. Bracelets, pendants and earrings etched with Viking runes, Celtic knots and other symbols from around the world.

Timeless Instruments
Beautiful custom-built guitars, harps and mandolins.

Velvet Plume
Homespun family-run, art-infused clothier. Each piece is individually inspired and lovingly created with great attention to detail and quality.

Voilà par Andréanne
Beautifully crafted, comfortable, and sustainable women’s clothing, featuring stunning original Aboriginal design and handmade details. 

Zany...Amazing...Magical! Wander by and enjoy the enchanting spectacle of creative play.  Powered by the whimsy, love, laughter and the sparkle of life.

Stay tuned during the coming weeks for feature blogs on some of these incredible artisans!


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