Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

Did you know Earth Day is the largest environmental event in the world?

Environmentalism is important to us here at the Folk Fest, not only during the festival, where we strive to leave no trace, but also in our office where we engage in responsible purchasing practices like sourcing Fair Trade coffee, tea and sugar, composting and using “Step Forward Paper” made from 80% wheat straw waste insead of trees. We are proud to be certified by the Eco-Logo program and a Green Festival Award winner.

Because of our love for the earth, we are thrilled that so many of our food and Hand-Made Village vendors embrace these same values of environmental sustainability, not just when they are with us out in Birds Hill Park, but year round at their head offices and shops. For example…

Boon Burger

Everything on the Boon menu is vegetarian or vegan! And for all of those who say that a veggie burger can’t compete with meat, note that Boon won second place in the Best Burger category in Winnipeg in 2012.

As the “world’s first vegan burger café,” Boon creates a place offering 100% cruelty free food, all while offering everything that a traditional burger joint would (order up a Bacun Cheeze Burger the next time you’re there). While meat is part of many people’s diet, overconsumption of meat has harmful environmental outcomes. Did you know that the average meat dish travels over 2,400 kilometers before landing on our Manitoba plates? Even if you don’t want to give up meat completely, choosing to reduce your consumption (try Meatless Mondays!) will have positive environmental impacts.

But Boon’s eco-impact doesn’t end there. All of their waste is composted or recycled, which has a major impact on the local environment and waste diversion.  


Green Bean

With the motto “100% Fair Trade, Organic and Unpretentious” you know you’re getting a cup of java you can be proud of. What does Fair Trade actually mean, though?

The World Fair Trade Organizations defines Fair Trade as being “a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers.”  

When you purchase products certified as Fair Trade, you know the workers who made or sourced your product have been treated equitably and compensated fairly for their work. By purchasing these products you’re also contributing to the sustainable development of the local economy of the product.

Green Bean goes above and beyond just Fair Trade. They have dedicated themselves to eco-friendly delivery. Their bags can be composted in the backyard, they deliver their coffee on a smart schedule with a hybrid Prius V, and they use reusable totes for their regular wholesale customers. Learn more about how Green Bean’s eco-friendly choices are reducing their impact on the environment by visiting their website.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Manitoba Harvest describes hemp as the “green buffalo” since every part of the plant can be used. And the uses for hemp are numerous! From hemp you can make food, clothing, rope, paper, building materials, animal bedding, plastic, paint fuel and more.

Here on the prairies, hemp is used primarily as a food. Hemp is a sustainable crop, meaning that the farming techniques used to produce it protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. You can feel good about consuming this yummy, nutty product.

Not only do Hemp Hearts taste great, but they are also a healthy choice. A 30 gram serving of Hemp Hearts contains 10 grams of omegas, 10 grams of protein and 181 mg of magnesium. Hemp is great for your heart!

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts believes that “Hemp is Happiness,” and they strive to create a healthy, positive space for their employees and the community. They are committed to making the environment happy to, and have partnered with Bullfrogpower to run their head office and manufacturing off of green electricity. They also look closely at their suppliers and consider the sustainability practices of those they purchase from as well.


Thank you to all of our vendors who are making the extra effort to engage in eco-friendly practices. By valuing our impact on the communities and environments around us, we are all doing our part to build a better world.

Earth Day’s mission is to foster and celebrate environmental respect, action and behavior change that lessens our impact on the earth. With businesses like Boon Burger, Green Bean and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts leading the way, we know that the future is green! 


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