Familiar and New Faces of the Campground Animators

Familiar and New Faces of the Campground Animators

Festival Campground will play host to awesome animators both familiar and new this summer, including visual art and performances. From Trading Post to Canjo Gypsies, here are a few of the exciting projects to look forward to!

Many animators will create awesome works in the Festival Campground this summer, including visual art and performances. You’ll find some projects that you’ve come to love over the years along with exciting new animations to experience. Here are a few to look forward to.

The Trading Post is back and ready to exchange some goods and keep the spirit of sharing and community alive in the Festival Campground. This is the go-to place to barter for tent pegs if you forgot them, a can of beans to go with your meal and everything in between. The Trading Post will take on the theme of an Old-West Style General Store again this year. Rather than building a new structure, they’ll be recycling last year’s façade and focusing on the quality and amount of trade-items. There will be so much at the Trading Post to be excited about!

Get ready for some great acoustic jams at the Vinyl Village! Tucked away under the structure near trailhead 1B, this is the perfect place to bring your ukulele or harmonica or take a turn on the piano that the good folks who host the jams haul in every year. At night, a cool atmosphere is created with the giant disco ball throws rays of light in every direction under the canopy and amongst the trees.

Have you every heard of a canjo? It’s a banjo for folks on a budget – a homemade instrument made out of little more than a sick, can and strings. The Canjo Gypsies will be roaming the campground with a wagon full of ‘em for you to pick up and play! They’ll also be arranging a group jam. Stay tuned for a time and a place.

British physical comedians James and Jamesy will be transforming the campground into a theatrical wonderland! Their cross-Canada 2013 Fringe Festival Tour was a sell-out success and we’re super excited to have them bringing their costumes and characters to the campground. Don’t be surprised if the playful pair asks you to come along with them for the ride and play out a skit!

Click here for the full list of Festival Campground Art and Animation projects.


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