Festival Campground Art & Animation

Festival Campground Art & Animation

The Festival Campground is an amazingly creative community. Many campers have a tradition of creating art, wearing costumes, playing games, making beautiful music and other group activities.

These activities make our campground a unique experience and we encourage as much creativity and engagement from our campers as they are willing to give!

Art & Animation Program

Our official Art & Animation Program offers campers with big ideas the opportunity to apply for special support to help make their dream project become a reality.

We had planned to host an online vote so the camping community could decide which projects they’d like to experience in the campground this summer. We are happy to announce that there’s no need for the vote because we are able to support everyone who applied and met the criteria for the 2015 Art & Animation Program!

Scroll down for a sneak peek at these creative camper’s projects. 

The More Art, The Merrier!

You can still participate in the creativity even if you’re not part of the official program. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to decorate campsites or create theme camps! Times Change(d) are one such camp that will keep the good times rolling with their live music tent in the Festival Campground this year.

Here's the art and animation you'll experience this summer!


1: The Flaming Trolleys

The Flaming Trolleys are a cooperative community-based orchestra and intend to create a circus dream environment in the campground. Utilizing this tent framework, they have built colorful, inviting, dream-like landscapes from reclaimed and salvaged materials. Within the Circus Tent, they have shifting focus areas: a stage for evening performance, a puppet stage for creating and staging shows with puppets built by campers and Flaming Trolley crew, as well as a meditation area. 

3: Metamorphosis

A visual art piece that will transform throughout the festival. White globes will be attached by a pole and will include an already decorated butterfly head. The caterpillar will be set out with a supply of paint markers available for all campers to decorate. Wings will be placed on the caterpillar to transform it into a butterfly. The butterfly will then be lifted vertically, like a totem pole, for campers to see the full transformation.

5: Creation Station

An environment where art and the festival culture can flourish through artistic expression. A shade shelter will be converted into an art oasis – wall-to-wall canvas and, in the middle, paint and art brushes. They will also have a few "face-in-hole" boards to encourage more fun. After the festival, they plan on recycling the canvas into used clothing items, such as bags, and patches. 

7: Midnight Choir

Midnight Choir is an open-membership musical project where people of all walks of life come together to sing popular songs in an inclusive and fun environment. Since 2013, Midnight Choir has been crafting unique experiences and bringing the concept of 'singing with strangers' to unexpected venues and festivals around Winnipeg.  

9: 'Chute for the Stars!

The magical campground atmosphere provides a great space to bring back something almost everyone has great memories of from childhood: the bright and colourful rainbow parachutes from gym class. The energetic team of animators will lead parachute play. 

11: Prairie Sol

The collaboration that is Prairie Sol has bridged a variety of talents into one solid professional performance team. Their collective skills include fire hooping, acrobatic yoga, fire bellydance, fire staff and whip, fire fans, fire sword and fire eating.

13: The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe is a costume library with endless combinations of wearables for you to borrow. With new costumes each day and fun daily programs including fashion shows, theme nights and impromptu musical performances, you'll want to make The Wardrobe a regular stop on your campground rounds. Browse. Borrow. Bring back.

15: Vinyl Village

The Vinyl Village has been a mainstay at the hut at trail 1B for the last four years. The inspiration for this project comes from the desire to offer the campground community a safe, central and welcoming meeting place where music can be made and enjoyed day and night. A long-list of instruments is supplied (including a piano which is frequently tuned) for the host and campers to use.

2: Folkfest Glow Bowling

Folkfest Glow Bowling is a fun, interactive 10-pin bowling lane available for campers of all ages! The lane has smaller balls for the kids during the day as well as the full-sized ten-pin balls for the bigger kids. Illuminated with EL wire and black lights, the bowling fun continues until 3 am.



4: Folk Fest Sundial

The Folk Fest Sundial is a functioning timepiece that uses nature and people to tell the time. It is a 3D art piece – local artists will paint all 12 markers and the platform. It also serves as a guide to some Folk Fest programs by listing these events on the time markers. At night, the sundial will become a light installation as solar lights will be placed strategically to illuminate the project creatively during the dark hours.

6: Folk Nests

Giant red and white hammocks for campers to lay back in and take in the sights and sounds of the Festival Campground. It is lit from underneath with solar lighting all night to create a campground meeting place any hour of the day. 



8: The Hive

From the group that has brought you the Grass Bar to the campground. The Hive is a dynamic layering of spaces that engage and encourage the dynamic festival community. Square levels weave around table, hammock, grass and flowered surfaces to support interaction and activity. Some of the intended activities are dining, playing games, music and jams, relaxing, stargazing and above all meeting and gathering. 

10: Yoga Fun For Everyone

Either when waking up in the morning or after days of kicking back and enjoying music, you’re going to need to a good stretch. This group plans to teach yoga at Pope’s Hill, the kids tent and The Flaming Trolleys Circus Camp. 

12: Vintage Flash Tattoo Parlour

Vintage flash tattoo parlour has been a part of the Festival Campground experience for the past two years, offering free rubber stamp and hand drawn tattoos to “customers.” Vintage Flash isn't just a creative spot to get tattooed, it’s a structure for shade and rain cover and late night music jams. 

14: The Pinhole Camera Workshop

Learn to build a camera with household and recycled materials. In a short workshop, you will make a pinhole camera, learn about exposure, and then be free to explore the Festival Campground with your new camera. Bring your camera back when you’re done and, after the festival, the animators will develop the film and email the photos to you.















We’re saying a fond farewell to a few long-time campground animators

And the awesome campers who created these projects would thank you campers for their wonderful experiences!

The Hula Tree

“I’ve been animating at the fest since before the AAP was even a program (first as a Fire Pyxie and a Hula Tree member, then with the Cyclotrope Circus in the last few years). Thanks for all the amazing Folk Fests and animation years. It's been an amazing time and we have so many fond memories.”

The Trading Post

“We've had some great times over the last eight years and will always appreciate the Winnipeg Folk Fest campground! Thanks from all of us, and good luck this year!”

Big Games

“After many great years in the campground we’ve decided to focus Big Games activities on the festival site side. We’re excited to continue working with the festival by participating in the Family Area this year. See you there!”


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