Filling the Outdoors with Art

Filling the Outdoors with Art

Our theme for 2017 is Art in Nature. We have selected projects that explore ideas around the juxtaposition of art and nature or incorporate the use of organic materials.

Colours of the Mother by Alison Dawn 

Nature IN Nature

Celebrating mother nature by turning it into art is a beautiful part of our Prairie Outdoor Exhibition. Intricately placed sand and colourful flowers will create “Colours of the Mother” by Alison Dawn, those stunning mandalas we’ve all grown to love. Reminding us of the space we share with mother nature, Karen Wardle will be creating a beautiful and large “Dandy-Dandelion” created from recycled or repurposed materials. At night, you will be treated to a light-up version of the dandelion lit with solar powered lights. Made from driftwood collected from Manitoba beaches, Audrey Hiebert and Alexandra Ross will be creating “Grandmother Tree.” There will be a bench to sit, the trunk will be garnished with quotes and art, and folkies are encouraged to view, unwind and even contribute to the trunk using the pieces of charcoal placed at the root of the tree. Tour “Growth” by KC Adams, a series of organic shaped vessels that have plants flowing from the openings. Planters are inspired by pine cones, seed pods, flowers and sea shells.

“In The Band” by Ryan Lotecki

Fun and Creativity in the Prairies 

Wanna be “In The Band”? Ryan Lotecki is going to make it happen! Creating a life size mural of musicians with cut-out faces and arm holes for you to live your folk artist dreams! Let your creativity shine at “Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop!” by Martha Street Studio. Design and carve your linoleum and spin the wheel on the press to create your unique lino-cut print! Be a part of the “Big Picture”: Gwendolyn Penner wants you to participate in a big art piece by drawing a creation on a big wooden block and hanging it on the wall to create a big collaborative mural. Stage the perfect selfie or have a sit from a long day walking the grounds at “The Prairie Booth” by Nick Iskierski and Natasha Lowenthal.

Prairie Nests by Grace Boyd

Areas of Contemplation

Catch your breath from running stage to stage at the “Magic Mushrooms.” Beautiful mosaic mushroom stools crafted by Ursula Neufeld are designed for you to have a rest and reflect on the day. Take a stroll in the “Labyrinth” created by James Culleton, inspired by this year’s Folk Fest artwork. A labyrinth is different than a maze in that it is made up of one continuous path leading to the centre with no obstacles and is designed for healing, meditation and contemplation. Reflect and gather with family and friends at the “Reflection Circle” by Glen Knapp, shaped by natural surroundings, people and music. For some shaded dream spaces make sure to visit the “Prairie Nests” by Grace Boyd. Inspired by the prairies and using the elemental make up such as grass, willow, reeds and branches, Grace will create a place to let your mind soar and your body rest. Bringing mythical forest dwelling creatures to the festival site once again is “Spirits of Nature” by Mandel Hitzer and Stephanie Porrior. The gnomes and their gnome king passed into the festival grounds through a magical gateway. Big foot and a centaur have also been spotted in years past and this year – if you’re lucky – you may catch a glimpse of the elusive unicorn.   

Out of Woodwork, Into the Woods by Nikki Kuentzle & Odessa Dobbie

Sights to Ponder

Out of Woodwork, Into the Woods by Nikki Kuentzle & Odessa Dobbie is an 8-letter sculpture will provide a fantastical meeting spot. It’s painted to reflect the prairie landscape. “PREFAB redux” created by Cyrus Smith are a series of small paintings created from discarded wood and will be installed in the beautiful natural setting of Birds Hill Park. Rick Unger is back to create a sun dial evolved to include hour markers made from reclaimed necks of broken stringed instruments. “solis·musica·tempore” joins three elements of Folk Fest, sun, music and time. Take a stroll through the aspen trees… feel like you’re being watched? You are! Thanks to Lee Graham and “The Trees Have Eyes: Looking Closer at Nature's Artistry.” Discover nature's artistry by focusing in on the simple masterpieces around us every day. Spotting familiar shapes in nature, like hearts, spirals, faces and abstract designs connects us to the Earth. 

Full list of projects and links to the artists social media here.


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