From Phantograms to Robot Babysitters -  Guest Blogger Tells All!

From Phantograms to Robot Babysitters -  Guest Blogger Tells All!

By Sean Ledwich
Media Crew Coordinator

When I was asked to write something for the Winnipeg Folk Festival blog I was sitting. In bed, actually. More propped-up than sitting, but nevertheless my weight was off my feet.

"It would be amazing if you could put together a little blog for us about your festival experience because a) you are a kick-ass writer and b) you are a stellar volunteer!"

So there you have it.

Rebecca, the WFF staffer doing the asking via email, said it would be for The Volunteer Blog, but I could only find the general blog, which includes guest bloggers, and which has a cool article about phantograms. I enjoyed the phantograms and have included a picture of my own of some kids also enjoying them for you to enjoy. Phantogram is also the name chosen by an enjoyable band because it sounds like a telegram from a ghost world.

So, I think I'm a guest blogger.

The Festival is awesome. You really should go check it out, even if just for a day.

Pro-tip: Are port-a-potty lines giving you and your friends the blues? Keep a sharp eye on the doors. If the indicator is red (in use), but the door is not closed all the way, then it's not occupied. It's got something to do with poor latch design and centrifugal force.

Volunteering at WFF is awesome. You really should try it sometime, even if it's just for a day (that'd be a 16-hour day). If you don't want to volunteer at WFF try for other life-enriching opportunities.

Pro-tip #2: I used to rush around the Festival like a rabid dog looking for new music to sink my teeth into. My time was so valuable and I had to watch this or that or be there or not here or some such thing. Relax and enjoy the people you're with or the stage you're at or the aimless direction you're walking. Sure, it's great to discover new music that becomes a valued part of your life, but it's also great to not discover it and never know that you missed it and just happen upon a giant blue robot babysitter.


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