Guest Blog: My Winnipeg Folk Fest Experience

Guest Blog: My Winnipeg Folk Fest Experience

I’ve always been a lover of folk music. For me, folk represents everything that is powerful about music. Folk music literally means “music for the people,” making it one of the best ways to connect with others from across the globe. For this reason, I’m always on the hunt for opportunities to attend festivals while feeding my travel bug at the same time.

I’ve also always wanted to explore all that Canada has to offer. Often, travellers making their way to Canada and spend all of their time on the west or east coast of the country, with a few extra trips through Toronto and Montreal.

Since the country is so huge, many tend to skip through all that the prairie provinces have to offer. Last year, when I saw that some of my favourite artists were playing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity and make my way to Manitoba.

I wasn’t disappointed. When I arrived at my campground with my backpack filled to the brim of clothing, sunscreen, and snacks, I knew I’d enjoy my time to stay in such a natural setting. I chose to stay at the Festival Campground because I had arrived in Winnipeg by myself and I was hoping to meet some other festival-goers at the event.

While there was more energy at the Festival Campground than you’d find if you stayed at the Quiet Campground, I never once felt overwhelmed. The people were welcoming, and I made a few close friends throughout my four days spent there. If you’re planning on attending this year’s festival, make sure you choose a campground that will suit your needs to optimize your experience.

The weather was perfect for a festival, but I was happy I wore layers, prepared for drops in temperature at night, and was ready for the occasional rainstorm. If you’re planning on heading to the festival this year, be sure to bring lots of layers! As the festival’s performances progressed, I found myself becoming increasingly happy that I made the trip. The music was, surprisingly, as diverse as the people who had attended the event. When I go to folk festivals, I’m usually prepared to hear the only folk music.

At the Winnipeg Folk Festival, however, I was happy to hear a variety of different musical influences. Canada is such a diverse country, and I was so impressed to see that the festival incorporated this multiculturalism into the music they shared.

This year, the festival has some amazing artists lined up. If you’re a fan of City and Colour and Feist, you’ll be sure to enjoy the 2017 festival. I’d recommend the Winnipeg Folk Festival to anyone who’s looking to meet amazing people, enjoy some high-quality music, and see all that Manitoba has to offer. This festival is an unforgettable experience that will reinforce your love for folk music while opening your ears to new styles of music you may have not even heard of.

Next time I’m in Manitoba for the festival, I’m planning on getting involved to connect even more deeply with this supportive and intimate music community while maintaining the festival’s great reputation. I hope I’ve convinced you to attend. Follow this link to purchase your tickets!


My name’s Natalie Wilson and I’m an avid music lover and guitar player who has dedicated my life to sharing what I know on my blog - Musical Advisors. You’ll find a wide range of topics on my blog, including reviews, tutorials, and tips for musicians.

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