Hey Campers! Win Tickets To The 2015 Folk Fest

Hey Campers! Win Tickets To The 2015 Folk Fest

The Festival Campground is a home away from home during those five days in July that we look forward to all year. It’s a place to escape the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, relax and share the festival experience with our friends and family. The energy and excitement is palpable, especially when you hear someone yell “Happy Folk Fest!” followed by a roar of cheers that rolls across the fields at Birds Hill Park. 

Make your campsite beautiful this summer and you could win tickets to the 2015 Folk Fest! We’re encouraging all who camp in the Festival Campground to get creative with their sites. Decorate your tents or turn your whole group into a theme camp – the possibilities are endless. Our fun-loving judges will find a winner at the festival this July and award them with a pair of tickets to next year’s festival!

A popular place to camp for thousands of folks every summer, the Festival Campground is a place that’s steeped in tradition, built by the people who have camped there year after year. There are many reasons why it’s a sacred place for festival-goers to spend their nights and time between concerts and workshops across the road at the festival site. 


Spend quality time with your friends and family. All year, we meet at local venues to listen to live folk music, but during the festival we get to live together, sharing food and stories while camped out under the prairie sky. It’s the perfect place to meet new people too. Nothing’s better than striking up a good conversation about music around a campfire with a new friend. Sharing the festival experience with interesting folks in the Festival Campground is one of the most valued reasons people come back year after year. 


Hear the light strumming of a guitar, sharp tune from a harmonica and the familiar drumming of djembes as you walk amongst campsites. Music is in the air, both at the stages on the festival site and in the campground! You’re never far from a spontaneous campfire jam. One of our favourite Winnipeg hideaways, The Times Change(d), relocates to the Festival Campground for Folk Fest and is the best spot to find your favourite local musicians leading folk, roots and bluegrass sing-alongs. The base of Pope’s Hill is the place to meet after Main Stage Thursday night, as an epic sing-along begins there. The music can be heard all across the fields, attracting campers to join in until the whole campground is alive with song. 


See the spectacular aurora borealis dancing across the night’s sky as you’re perched atop Pope’s Hill. Being out in the beautifully serene Birds Hill Park is an opportunity to commune with nature, to breathe in fresh air and take the time to relax. Hang your hammock up in the trees and let the breeze gently sway you as you hear the laughter of your friends cooking a meal or picking a guitar. There’s nowhere else you need to be!


Enjoy carefree fun at Folk Fest. Forget your age and try your hand at Giant Jenga or Connect Four at the Big Games area. Sinking Big Battleships has never been more exhilarating than when ships are as large as the bonfire pits! Let your inner child come out to dance and play under the great, bright, colourful parachute found daily near Pope’s Hill. Have you ever seen an outdoor bowling alley? How about one with lanes that glow? This is one of the many games you’ll stumble upon in the Festival Campground that will bring campers together to engage in some friendly competition. 


Experience moments of serendipity – they make the best memories. You never know who you’re going to meet and what adventures you’ll have in the Festival Campground. With so much art and animation to see and experience, there is no shortage of paths to follow that will lead to something unexpected. It might be discussing memories of festivals past with your “tattoo artist” while getting temporarily inked at Vintage Flash, trading an item for a Folk Fest treasure at the Trading Post or diving into The Wardrobe with a new group of friends to borrow costumes to folk-ify your outfits for the night. 

A limited number of 5-day Folk Fest tickets with Festival Camping are left. Buy yours today to avoid missing out on this festival tradition.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to connect with family after a long day of taking in music at the festival, the Quiet Campground may be the place for you! Enjoy amenities such as communal park shelters, flush toilets and fire and ice delivery. Tickets are on sale for the Quiet Campground now. 

See you in the Festival Campground!


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