Sights to See in the Festival Campground

Sights to See in the Festival Campground

A big part of the Winnipeg Folk Fest is making new friends and getting to know your neighbours. This year we are bringing back some revamped favourites from last year and a couple new, sure to be favourites!

It's a 360, have a look around!

Folk Fest Sundial

Don’t be late for that very important date er… show! Check the time at the Folk Fest Sundial powered by nature and you!


On the Edge of the Desert

Shaded by strings of umbrellas, On the Edge of the Desert is a great place to cool off in the shade and dip your toes in the kiddie pool. Surrounded by green life, snap selfies with friends or just take some deep breaths. It will even be a sight at night with twinkling solar lights to enjoy.


Psychedelic Car Wash

Get your senses going with a psychedelic car wash – for you! It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Escape into the many different textures and colours in the “wash.” Star gaze at night under the open ceiling and pop bubbles as you move through the wash during the day.


Psychedelic Trojan Horse

A bird’s eye view of the campground from the top of the Trojan Horse! This year the horse is getting psychedelic, bringing colour and LED lights for the night. A hammock will hang from the belly of the horse to provide a nice napping place for all who need a rest between the music.


The Hive

You know the place; part garden, part resting space. The Hive is back this year and providing you with a beautiful place to catch some shade, meet up with friends, have a meal or just relax. 


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Festival Campground

Festival Campground

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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

We love good food that’s good for our community – and our environment, too. It is our goal to work with local partners to share a variety of healthy, ethical, affordable and sustainable food choices at all of our events throughout the year and at the summer festival.