The 2014 Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

The 2014 Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

Discover the sprawling outdoor art gallery across the Folk Fest grounds that will inspire, engage, challenge and amuse!


Meet the Press: One-Stop Print Shop
Martha Street Studio
Experience the tradition of relief printing by creating your own fine art lino-cut print. The workshop is open to people of all ages; an adult must accompany children under 10. Open 1:30 PM-4:30 PM Friday to Sunday near the Folk School tent.                      

KC Adams
A whimsical set of organic looking objects along the entrance path. This group of sculptures is reminiscent of a family of Folk Fest devotees walking along the path, with the baby trailing at the end.

Red River Cart D’Art
Places for peanuts drawing collective    
A portable art studio that looks like an iconic red river cart will move around the festival grounds engaging festival goers in a collaborative “en plein air” art experience. The group recognizes how successful art can be in strengthening and creating community engagement. 12:00 PM-6:00 PM Friday to Sunday.         

Seven Earthstones See-Saw
Tonya Borgeson
An interactive sculpture that adults and kids can ride. The see-saw symbolizes the path in which people find balance throughout their life equilibrium of experience through time.

EN MASSE X Winnipeg Folk Fest
Jason Botkin
Watch the creative process unfold as artists from EN MASSE create a mural near the Folk School. Simply put, the goal of the EN MASSE project is to bring multiple artists of divergent backgrounds together in order to create a highly spontaneously collaborative drawing, always in black and white.

Earth Womb
Grace Boyd
Find connection to the prairie in a shelter created to embrace and comfort. The spherical wood sculpture is lined with a soft bed of spruce bows and prairie grasses. A small entrance is semi-concealed by an external covering of woven grasses and branches to engage the curiosity of the viewer.

James Culleton
Creating a new design each year speaks to the renewal process that the prairie goes through every spring where the grass grows back and the canvas is refreshed. And although the labyrinth is just a physical undertaking, the reworking of the ground in that field each year has made it a sacred space for meditation and contemplation.

Phineas Farnsworth’s Phanto-graphic Stereo-morpho-scope
Gilbert Detillieux and Rick Unger
Journey back to a time before your grandparents were kids, to see the Folk Fest through the eyes of the visionary Victorian, Phineas Farnsworth. Each Steampunk viewing station will feature Manitoban children’s entertainers in the theme of Kids are Free, in 3D!

Alison Dawn
The mini-floral mandalas and connecting tracks are like important events, places and memories and the pathways we tread between them within a landscape or a lifetime. The associations (often in our dreams) create shapes, patterns and stories that give us a sense of inner order, harmony and community.

The Cyclotrope Circus
Jacquelyn Hébert, Megan Turnbull and Nathalie Coulson
The Cyclotrope Circus is a travelling handmade cinema that combines sculpture and animation. These three kinetic sculptures are based on the zoetrope, an optical apparatus first created in the 19th century. Turn the zoetropes with your hand to make a series of images animate before your eyes. Visit everyday to see new animations!

Glen Knapp
As a meditative landmark, the composition and orientation of the work meld together to form an impression upon the viewer, allowing the physical characteristics of the materials, the location, and the spirit of the surroundings to speak to and for them.

Andrew Courtnage and Mandel Hitzer
The Gnome Kingdom has arrived in Bird's Hill Park once again! If you spot a lost gnome, please return him to the magical gnome gateway in the centre of the labyrinth and you may be granted one wish from the Gnomish King.

Weaving Together
Becca Taylor and Bre Little
Participate in building a community Folk Fest blanket while learning how to use a traditional Navajo styled loom. Adults, children, seniors, families and friends share blankets throughout the festival. The Navajo weavings have pictorial images of what they saw in the landscape and everyday life. Open noon and 6:00 PM, Friday to Sunday.

Stage Murals
The fantastical murals you see behind the artists on the daytime stages are also part of the Prairie Outdoor Exhibition.

Green Ash
What’s Your Frequency? by ML Kenneth

Spruce Hollow
Blue Morning by Julia Dennis

Wildflowers by Alison Froese

Little Stage in the Forest
Box Car by Ian August and Temperance McDonald

Shady Grove
Sitting In Sunhats Up Close In The Grass by Dan Saidman

Bur Oak
Band by Elizabeth Yonza

Chickadee Big Top
Oak Tree by Alison Froese and David Foster


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