Guest Blog: The Magic of the Folk Festival

Guest Blog: The Magic of the Folk Festival

by Kathy Sinclair

Three tall women
danced on stilts
with long boney arms
trailing red and purple ribbons.
They had wings.
Children ran after these
giant fairies and were amazed
at the magic
in the world.

A golden-haired girl
with gold boots
and gold glasses
kissed the sun
and poured out
her voice like brandy
and the audience
drank it up
and sang along.

The Birds of Chicago sang
a love song
asking why we cut down
the one we love.
Why are we so hard
on each other?

Young people
wooden swirls in their earlobes
took charge
and volunteer workers
fed four thousand
cricket mango salsa
that crunched
sweet and spicy
with a dash of mud

An old man and
his grandson
camped nearby.
The boy explored
left to his own devices.
No technology to pass the time.
What worlds did he discover?

Old timers told tales
about Woodstock
and the Oaky from Muskokey.
Trees smiled and reached out
their branches
to give shade
for sweltering bodies.
People rested
and were grateful.

Musicians tuned their
and made the people
Everyone was shaking it
electricity exploded
across the darkened sky
like a glass window cracking

The festival ended with
a lightning storm
and I tried to capture
electricity as it flashed across the night
zigzagged from cloud to cloud
splintering out
Too fast for the camera.
There’s magic
all around us!


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