Today is Giving Tuesday – A Chance to Give Back

Today is Giving Tuesday – A Chance to Give Back

Without the support of sponsors and donors, we cannot deliver the festival experience you have come to expect from us. It takes a great deal of time, with many dedicated people and resources, to build our community within Birds Hill Park each year that includes talented artists from around the world, diverse and delicious food, cool, clean water – and those precious port-a-potties around every corner.

But we don't need to explain all this to you –­ you are part of this community and you know all there is to love about Folk Fest. As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, we want to continue to create a world of discovery and community every July.

Consider making us your charity of choice today. A donation of any size is welcome. 

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These are the kinds of experiences you are helping to create!


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