Wailin’ Wednesday: The Music Video You Need To Watch

Wailin’ Wednesday: The Music Video You Need To Watch

On our “official” Canadian Bands You’ve Gotta Know list is Shred Kelly from Fernie, BC. We had them in town to play an outdoor show at Old Market Square back when their record ‘In The Hills’ was released. Their high-energy and fast-banjo playing had folks of all ages kicking off their shoes and dancing in the grass.

The band has just released their third album Sing to the Night and a video for the first single. It’s been getting a whole lot of hype online – for good reason.

The video was inspired by Hot Dog Day – a Fernie tradition where skiiers and ‘boarders dress up in their best 80s snowsuits and hit the slopes at the Fernie Alpine Resort. The camera follows lead singer Tim Newton as he skis down a run while partaking in a few Hot Dog Day activities along the way.

The one-take video was shot by Dylan Siggers while skiing BACKWARDS on twin-tipped skis. He was so focused on filming that he, apparently, glanced over his shoulder to see where he was going only a few times. Surely, this is not a feat most of us prairie people would attempt.

It took only seven takes to get this video (they used the fifth), which is mind-blowing considering the timing of it all had to be perfect, as the integrity of the idea hinged upon the fact that the video wouldn’t be edited. The cherry on top is the big dance scene at the end that was learned by all the extras just that morning.

We are impressed by this video on many levels. Watch it! 


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