What To Know Before You Go

What To Know Before You Go

Here are the basics you should know before heading out to the festival!

How to Folk

Review the brochure you received with your tickets or read our participant responsibilities here.


Tarps and chairs for sitting and taking in the music. If you’re bringing a chair higher than two feet from ground to the top of the seat-back, please sit in the back of the seating areas or to the designated area left of Main Stage where you won’t block your fellow folkies’ view.

In a sea of tarps in front of Main Stage, it’s easy to lose track of yours! Many folkies have a tradition of decorating a “tarp marker” and we encourage everyone to do the same! Click here to read more on Folk Fest’s unique traditions and etiquette.

Bring a reusable cup to fill at our water taps, which are gushing with cool, clean drinking water. Or, purchase a Folk Fest souvenir cup at the Corner Store of music store.

Campers: remember to ensure you bring sufficient shelter and food for the whole festival. We have tasty and healthy food to purchase on the festival site and in the Festival Campground to supplement, but come prepared for the three square meals you need daily to keep your mind and body ready to dance to the music! Bring clothing for hot days, cold nights and the possibility of rain. And shoes! Did you know that 25% of the injuries First Aid takes care of is due to people wearing improper (or no!) footwear?

Getting There

You can take the free Folk Fest Express that leaves from Memorial & York in downtown Winnipeg, or you can carpool.

Campers: if you’re coming bright an early Wednesday to set up, remember not to lineup on Hwy 59 – it’s for everyone’s safety. Arrive at 7:00 AM when gates open and we are ready to welcome you.


Remember this handy phrase: West comes and goes west, east comes and goes east.

The parking lot is divided into two lots. If you enter the park via the east gate off Hwy 206, you will park in the east lot and exit the same way via the east gate. If you enter the west gate off Hwy 59, park in the west lot and exit the same way via Hwy 59. Click here for more information and a nifty diagram.

Get A Lay Of The Land

Click here to review the festival site map.

Click here to see the Festival Campground map. 


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Festival Info

Festival Info

The 2018 Winnipeg Folk Fest takes place at Birds Hill Provincial Park, July 5-8.



Living in the beautiful outdoors surrounded by acoustic jams and good company…What can be better than that?



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