Winnipeg Folk Fest to Become a 4-Day Festival in 2015

Winnipeg Folk Fest to Become a 4-Day Festival in 2015

We couldn’t be more excited to share our big news with you: the Winnipeg Folk Fest is moving to four days of music in 2015, which means we will be giving you the quality festival experience that you love for a reduced price!

World-class performers, one-of-a-kind workshops and an incredible festival culture are what Folk Fest is known for. We will deliver all that and more in four days with a more affordable festival ticket price.

What does this mean for audiences? It means that a full festival ticket for adults starts at only $185! And kids under 12 are still free! The music kicks off on Thursday night and continues as per usual with day stages and Main Stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And for our campers – there will be no changes to the camping experience. As in the past – even before the festival became five days long – the campground will open on the Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM, preceded by the popular Bike Ride to Site.

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ below or visit our tickets page for a detailed price breakdown. Get ready for the 42nd annual Winnipeg Folk Fest July 9-12, 2015. Early Bird tickets go on sale Saturday, November 29!



Will we still get the same kind of talent given that bigger names often play on Wednesday night?

Definitely! In fact, a four-day festival gives us a more concentrated artistic budget to bring in the acts audiences want to see. We will continue to focus on bringing in artists for patrons to discover at the festival – from singer-songwriters to world music to the next big artist you get to see here first!

What about camping?

We know the camping is an important part of the festival experience for so many. We are keeping the camping period at five days, as we did before the festival moved to five days of music.

Why are we not saving as much as a regular day ticket?

A large number of the festival’s costs are fixed, including production, the building of stages and other infrastructure, renting equipment, paying for skilled services and site maintenance, but by looking diligently at the organization to make some cost-effective decisions, we are able to cut the full early bird festival ticket price by $40.

Why did you add the fifth day in the first place?

We added the Wednesday night of programming in 2009, with the support of new - but temporary - Industry Canada funding and the opportunity to bring Elvis Costello to Winnipeg was possible for that night only. It was a decision based on serendipity and was not part of our long-term vision. That said, though we are returning to the four-day festival model, we are always open to opportunities like that in the future.

Is this reflecting the fact that the festival had lower attendance in 2014?

No – this decision is something we’ve been considering for a few years. We’ve continued to receive feedback from our audience members and volunteers (gathered through surveys and discussions) that the increased time and cost are factors in their decision not to volunteer or buy a ticket to the festival. So it’s motivated by our desire to give you the best possible festival experience at reduced cost while ensuring the continued financial health of the organization.

What does it mean for volunteers?

The required volunteer commitment will be fewer hours moving forward (minimum 16-20 hours). With a shorter festival we’ll need fewer volunteers; however, the festival has a natural attrition of volunteers year over year.

What does this mean for the vendors?

Vendors on the festival site will be open for four days. Vendor fees will be adjusted to account for the change on the festival site. Campground vendors’ experience will remain the same as they will be open for all five days.

What does this mean for the animators?

Our animators are really important to us and to you and therefore we will continue to support projects as we have in the past. They will continue to receive early access to the campground to bring campers the wonderful experiences they have come to enjoy.


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