Wintersleep March 31 at The Park Theatre

Wintersleep March 31 at The Park Theatre

Looking for an entrancing show to shake off the Winnipeg winter? Grab your tickets to Wintersleep at The Park Theatre on March 26th! The JUNO award winning alt-rockers are back with their sixth release, The Great Detachment, out with Dine Alone Records this March.

After a busy tour supporting Hello Hum, their critically-acclaimed 2012 release, members Paul Murphy, Loel Campbell, Tim D’eon, Mike Bigelow and Jon Samuel decided to take a break. But when you’re a music-loving group, time away doesn’t come easy!

“We were pretty excited to get back to work,” he says. Instead of taking time off, the group decided to record demos at their own pace in their Montreal studio. They ended up with a wealth of material to choose from, and The Great Detachment represents a curated selection of their best.

They recorded the majority of the record live-off-the-floor in Halifax’s Sonic Temple, leading to a stage show brimming with life. “It’s a very different energy,” says Murphy, “and one that we kind of missed.” Audiences will jam along with tracks like “America” and “Freak Out” and wrap themselves in a sonic blanket to tunes like “Metropolis” and “Shadowless.”

Two years in the making, audiences will be eager to grab a copy of Wintersleep’s latest album while enjoying a live show from one of Canada’s top acts. Buy tickets now


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