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The 2017 projects have been announced, take a look at what you'll see in the campground this summer!

The Festival Campground is renowned for the creativity, generosity and kindness of the community that gathers there every July. Many campers decorate their campsites and host activities. There's nothing better than wandering around the campground, being invited into a group game and leaving with new pals!

Get excited – here is a preview of the awesome projects you'll be able to experience this summer as part of the Art & Animation Program! And, as we see every year, there will be many more creative spots to discover once you're out at the park.

For a full schedule of when the Art & Animation projects will be operating click here

Bel Air Mansion

The Banks family isn’t home but Uncle Phil said you could stop by. Enjoy the atmosphere and meet your folkie neighbours by playing, creating, listening and relaxing. Home to a stage with games during the day and music for the night!


Circus Camp with Sacred Beats

Learn some performance skills yourself at Circus Camp. Meet up at Circus Camp with Sacred Beats for an exchange of traditional and non-traditional circus and performance skills. The tent will feature puppets, instruments and an open invitation to join in on the fun.


Folk Fest High Striker

Are you tough enough to take on the Folk Fest High Striker? The Folk Fest High Striker will be set up in the campground for you to take a whack at. When you strike the pad hard enough the striker will soar! This interactive installation is great to play at night in all its glow-y glory.


Juke-Joint Hideaway

Jump by the Juke Joint for some incredible live performances from some incredibly talented locals. With shows running Thursday through Saturday after Main Stage ends for the night, you can keep on dancing under the stars. 


Psychedelic Car Wash

Get your senses going with a psychedelic car wash – for you! It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Escape into the many different textures and colours in the “wash.” Star gaze at night under the open ceiling and pop bubbles as you move through the wash during the day.


Roaming Gaming Caravan

The Big Games crew are BACK and ready to play with new games in town. Test your skill when you follow the Roaming Gaming Caravan for carnival fun. See how good you are at Skee Ball, Tilt-a-Maze, Ring Toss and more! AND the big games will be returning too. We’ve got giant Jenga, Connect Four and Scrabble returning this year!


The Wardrobe presents: Under the Sea

Dress up with ocean flare this year! Bringing back costume favourites but adding some aquatic attire. At night, the wardrobe will come alive with light. Try out a new accessory for the day but make sure you bring it back for others to enjoy!


Vintage Flash Tattoo Parlour

Get a tattoo for the weekend! Vintage Flash Tattoo Parlor is back to ink you this festival! Stop in and pick out the perfect rubber stamp tattoo for you or get a hand-drawn custom piece! 


Yoga Fun for Everyone

Stretch it out with fellow folkie yogis at Pope’s Hill. Get your body moving and limber for long days and nights spent dancing at the festival to your favourite bands. No experience is necessary and all are welcome to join in the fun.

'Chute for the Stars

Bring back the fun days of childhood with a colourful parachute! ‘Chute for the Stars will have scheduled and spontaneous sessions for games that you can join. In addition to the rainbow parachute, they will have beach balls, rubber chickens and you’re guaranteed to have lots of laughs!


Creation Station

Providing a wonderful environment for art and festival culture can bloom through you and your artistic talents! Large canvases, paints and paint brushes are provided, come and share your beautiful visions with the campground!


Folk Fest Sundial

Don’t be late for that very important date er… show! Check the time at the Folk Fest Sundial powered by nature and you!


On the Edge of the Desert

Shaded by strings of umbrellas, On the Edge of the Desert is a great place to cool off in the shade and dip your toes in the kiddie pool. Surrounded by green life, snap selfies with friends or just take some deep breaths. It will even be a sight at night with twinkling solar lights to enjoy.


Psychedelic Trojan Horse

A bird’s eye view of the campground from the top of the Trojan Horse! This year the horse is getting psychedelic, bringing colour and LED lights for the night. A hammock will hang from the belly of the horse to provide a nice napping place for all who need a rest between the music.


The Hive

You know the place; part garden, part resting space. The Hive is back this year and providing you with a beautiful place to catch some shade, meet up with friends, have a meal or just relax. 


The Yurts

A sheltered space to meet up, jam, read or even get creative! Wednesday and Thursday to create a community painting that will be displayed on Friday. At night, a solar-powered LED show will be a treat for the eyes!

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