Campground Services

There are outhouses, portable toilets, water taps, picnic tables, bike racks, and fire pits are available for communal use.

Safety volunteers (in blue vests) operate around the clock - literally 24 hours a day - patrolling the campground to ensure everyone is having a safe and positive time. 

Campground Central in Zone 1B is staffed 24 hours a day by safety volunteers. If you’re not sure whom to ask for or about something, they’re here to help. There is also a phone and charging station in case you’ve run out of juice for your device. It is unsupervised, so please stay nearby while waiting for your phone to charge. This service is for personal electronics only (not battery packs). Make sure you bring a USB charging cord as we have switched to USB outlets to better meet the demands.

The Campground Store is located on the main road at the campground entrance. There you can stock up on food, ice, camping gear, firewood and other supplies. A firewood and ice delivery truck drives around the campground daily so you can buy wood and ice right at your campsite.

Help us reduce our carbon footprint and leave your car parked during your time at Folk Fest. Walk to the Festival site, ride your bike or take the free Campground Shuttle. The shuttle will come to one of the marked bus stops at the trailheads every 30 minutes during Festival operation hours. 

A few great, healthy-choice food vendors will be set up in the Festival Campground for campers to buy snacks. Like our food vendors on the Folk Fest site, these vendors support our LOFT initiative by selling local, organic and fair trade food for your health and enjoyment. 

Composting bins can be found in the campground at Enviro Headquarters located at Trailhead 2, near the food vendors. We use industrial composting services, allowing us to compost much more than your average backyard composter, including meat, bones and dairy. Items from the food vendors are also compostable, including plates, cutlery and napkins. You can also bring your own bucket to compost at your campsite and empty at the bins at Enviro Headquarters.

Pollock’s Hardware Co-op Fix-it Shop

Does your bike need attention? Did you accidentally break something at your camp? The fine folks at Pollock’s Hardware Co-op Fix-it Shop, located in the Festival Campground, can help you out.

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Living in the beautiful outdoors surrounded by acoustic jams and good company…What can be better than that?

Festival Campground

Festival Campground

The first time you hear someone yell “Happy Folk Fest!” followed by a roar of cheers that rolls across the campground, you’ll feel right at home.

Festival Info

Festival Info

The 2017 Winnipeg Folk Fest takes place at Birds Hill Provincial Park, July 6-9.