Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

Discover this sprawling outdoor art gallery across the festival grounds that will inspire, engage, challenge and amuse! The artists and installations for the 2017 festival will be announced in the spring.

2017 Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

Our theme for 2017 is Art in Nature. We have selected projects that explore ideas around the juxtaposition of art and nature or incorporate the use of organic materials. 

Colours of the Mother by Alison Dawn


Using sand and flowers, Alison’s mandalas showcase the scope of colour and texture in living materials. These ephemeral works of art have become an annual favorite to happen upon throughout the festival site.

Dandy-Dandelion by Karen Wardle


These cheerful blooms remind us that we share this space with the flora and fauna around us. Like the humble dandelion, nature is resilient but we must tread gently to preserve what we have for the future. The sculpture is created from recycled or repurposed materials you might find around your campsite. At night the dandelion will light up with solar lights woven through the flower.    

Grandmother Tree by Alexandra Ross and Audrey Hiebert

Alexandra Ross: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Audrey Hiebert: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Trees are a metaphor for life. In them we watch the seasons come and go; we learn that to reach for the stars, our roots must grow deep. Grandmother Tree is inspired by a giant cedar found in the Sandilands Provincial Forest, near Marchand, Manitoba. The branches are constructed from driftwood gathered from Manitoba lakes and beaches. A bench rises from the roots. Quotes and visual art, ancient and modern, cover the trunk. Viewers are encouraged to look, read, contemplate, and to contribute their own mark. Pieces of charcoal can be found around the trunk for those who wish to leave a mark. 

Growth by KC Adams


Using the outdoor gallery space of the festival site, these unique organic shaped planters hold plants that flow from the openings. The shapes are inspired from nature such as pine cones, seed pods, flowers, sea shells. Have fun finding these little treasures. 

In The Band by Ryan Lotecki


A classic "face-in-hole" opportunity to be in the band! A life size mural of musicians with spaces for viewers to use their own face and arms to complete the image.

Labyrinth by James Culleton

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

A labyrinth, unlike a maze, is made up of one continuous path leading to the center without obstacles. Designed as a tool for healing, meditation and contemplation, the labyrinth is an ancient and mysterious symbol. Walk its pathways with a conscious and watchful soul and it will become a place of rewarding self-discovery. This year's design will echo the 2017 Folk Fest logo!

Magic Mushroom by Ursula Neufeld

Website | Facebook 

This is a place like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and music. Sit on these magical mushrooms and see who you become.

Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop!

Facebook | Instagram

Martha Street Studio presents the sixth annual Meet the Press: One Stop Print Shop! Make a design, carve your linoleum and spin the wheel on the press: experience the tradition of relief printing by creating your own fine art lino-cut print. The workshop is open to people of all ages (children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult). 

Located next to the Folk School tent, Saturday and Sunday, 1:00-4:00 PM.

Out of Woodwork, Into the Woods by Nikki Kuentzle & Odessa Dobbie

Out of Woodwork, into the Woods is a typographical sculpture, which serves as a landmark within the festival grounds. The pattern and textures painted on its surface represent an abstract reflection of the prairie landscape. The 8-letter sculpture acts as a confluence, or meeting place, referencing the intersection of two rivers. 

Prairie Nests by Grace Boyd

Twitter | Instagram

A series of wild and fantastical woven nests inspired by the soul of the prairies. Welcoming and magical spaces made of grasses, willows, reeds and branches for prairie folks to rest, play, story tell and dream. In Prairie Nests, let your mind and body drift and dance just as the winds across vast plains.

PREFAB redux by Cyrus Smith


These small paintings, named Prefabs are typically made from discarded wood and installed in an urban environment. Placed in the natural setting of Birds Hill Park, the Prefab provides for festival goers, as it does urbanites, a moment of contemplation and wonder outside of the gallery setting. They are situated as a visual interruption in the observer’s regular course that is not corporate advertising. The Prefab is a rare treasure that a person can take at face value with no strings attached. Now that is a wonderful thing.

Reflection Circle by Glen Knapp    

A space for reflection and connection in an atmosphere of positive energy, warmth and the spirit of friends and family who gather in shared kinship shaped by the natural surroundings, the people, and the music. Have a seat on a bench created from a storm felled, aged Manitoba Maple and take a quiet moment to contemplate through the gazing ball in the center.

solis·musica·tempore by Rick Unger

Blog | Past Festival Works | Other Works 

Sun, music, time: three aspects shared between Folk Fest and this sun dial. Born from the remains of a cremated piano, this restrung frame marks the movement of the sun and the subsequent passage of time. This year, the sun dial has evolved to include hour markers made from reclaimed necks of broken stringed instruments.

Spirits of Nature by Mandel Hitzer & Stephanie Porrior

Spirits of Nature draws on a conglomeration of fantasies, folk tales and mythologies. They stimulate the imaginations of the festival goers, especially children, in an interactive way and bring wonder to the festival grounds. The gnomes and their gnome king passed into the festival grounds through a magical gateway. Forest dwelling creatures such as big foot and a centaur have also been sighted. This year we hope to catch a glimpse of the elusive unicorn.    

Big Picture by Gwendolyn Penner


People. Music. Nature. These are some of the pieces of the Winnipeg Folk Fest. In the collaborative art project Big Picture everyone is invited to participate by drawing an image onto a block of wood and hanging it on a wall. Throughout the festival, everyone’s unique piece of artwork will come together to reveal the Big Picture! 

The Prairie Booth by Nick Iskierski & Natasha Lowenthal    

Nick Iskierski: Facebook
Natasha Lowenthal: Facebook

Come and take a walk through The Prairie Booth. Snap a photo or take a nice, relaxing seat in the shade. This whimsical landscape plays with perspective and is great for capturing memorable moments.

The Trees Have Eyes: Looking Closer at Nature's Artistry by Lee Graham


Have you ever noticed the many shapes and pictures that form in nature? Hidden pictures for keen observers. Come walk through the Aspen trees as they watch over us with their wise, colourful eyes. Discover nature's artistry by focusing in on the simple masterpieces around us every day. Spotting familiar shapes in nature, like hearts, spirals, faces and abstract designs connects us to the Earth. Keep an eye out as you wander from stage to stage.

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