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The Winnipeg Folk Festival Board of Directors is a diverse group of community leaders and key decision makers who provide strategic leadership to the organization.


Noreen Mian, Chair 

Karen-Denise Cyr, Past Chair 

Maureen Krauss, Vice Chair & Secretary
Carolyn Abbott, Treasurer


Carolyn Abbott
Susan Berthiaume

Sky Bridges
Cathy Denby
Gord Flaten
Irene Friesen-Hughes
Lisa Holowchuk

Mike Krywy

Kathy Penner
Yvonne Peters

Marlene Stern
Josh Vlasveld

Past Presidents & Chairs

  • Peter Stringham, 1976–1979
  • Greg Brunskill, 1980
  • Derek Black, 1981–1987
  • Jane Graham, 1988–1990
  • David Asper, 1991–1992
  • Michael Handler, 1993–1995
  • Brenda Prosken, 1996–1998
  • Gloria Koop, 1999–2000
  • Gerry Couture, 2001–2002
  • Sandra Altner 2003–2004
  • Terry Sargeant 2005–2009
  • Allan Finkel 2010-2011
  • Gerry Couture, 2012
  • Mike Baudic, 2012-2015
  • Karen-Denise Cyr, 2015-2017

Honourary Members

  • Mitch Podolak (Founder/Director/Artistic Director), 1974-1975
  • Colin Gorrie (Founder), 1974–1975
  • Ava Kobrinsky (Founder), 1976-1989
  • Nate Nurgitz (Board Legal Advisor), 1975–85
  • Bill Merritt (Business/General Manager), 1977–1994
  • Jon Singleton (Past Treasurer), 1978–1987

Past General Manager

  • Bill Merritt, 1977–1994

Past Executive Directors

  • Trudy Schroeder, 1999–2008
  • Tamara Kater, 2008–2011

Past Artistic Directors

  • Mitch Podolak, 1974-1986
  • Rosalie Goldstein, 1987–1991
  • Pierre Guérin, 1992–2000
  • Rick Fenton, 2001–2004

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Artistic Vision

Artistic Vision

Music is powerful. It changes perceptions, inspires imaginations, and impacts lives in a personal and meaningful way.

Mission & Values

Mission & Values

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a year-round arts organization that presents one of North America’s premier outdoor music festivals each July.

Meet the Wandering Minstrels!

Meet the Wandering Minstrels!

Manitoban musicians will be wandering the campgrounds and festival site to bring music to every corner of Folk Fest! They’ll be inspiring acoustic jams in the Festival Campground, so campers: bring your instruments to join along.